STX 22 Air SBC 1766

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The launch of Öhlins first air sprung shock STX 22 Air in 2015 received great deal of attention...
The launch of Öhlins first air sprung shock STX 22 Air in 2015 received great deal of attention from the bike industry.

Analyzing the demands on an air sprung Enduro/trail shock led to the well proven STX concept. Thanks to the lower damping levels compared to a coil sprung DH shock, a less complex product could be developed with maintained high-performance functionality, offering ride efficiency without tampering with downhill control.

A large piston diameter balanced by a large compression valve ensures that internal pressures are kept under control, resulting in low hysteresis and excellent damping response. Low and high speed compression and rebound damping are externally adjustable.

The same type of adjusters as the TTX is used with an additional platform damping, a stability mode facilitating long climbs with maintained traction. In addition the STX 22 Air for Specialized bikes features an auto-sag functionality for a quick and easy setup of the correct sag.
Technical Specifications:

Usage for AM, Enduro
Approx. 380 g
Length 216 mm (8,5 inch)
Stroke 57 mm (2,25 inch)
Auto sag functionality
Fits wheel size 27,5 (650b)
Aluminium design, hard anodized
Fully servicable and rebuildable
2 years limited warranty

Spring rate (by air pressure)
3-click high speed compression damping
9-click low speed compression damping
6-click rebound damping
Auto sag
Purchased parts package:

Shock absorber STX 22 Air
Model related parts for mounting
Owners manual
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